Thursday, 7 August 2014

Funko Pop! Disney Vinyl King Louie

I got my 2nd Funko Pop! Disney Vinyl from my boyfriend and I love it so so much! Its so beautiful and its a perfect addition to my collection and looks amazing on my shelves!

I got King Louie from The Jungle Book and he is so so beautiful! He is such a gorgeous colour a very vibrant orange colour with a beautiful purple which goes together beautifully! I love his hands and how they are 'rolled up' and his nose is absolutely adorable!
He weights 136g and he stands at 3.75 inches tall!
There is so much detail on him! The texture on him makes it look like he has fur on him! His ears are so so cute and his hands have so much detail on!

If you want to buy King Louie to add to your collection buy him here on Amazon!

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