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Character Meeting Experience/Guide at Disneyland Paris

So a couple of days ago I got asked about where to meet characters at Disneyland Paris, so I thought today that I would write a post about my own experience on meeting characters when I have been to Disneyland Paris.

Before we start, I am not telling you where to wait around for the characters. This is just where I personally have met the characters and where you might be more likely to see them as I have experienced when I have been. So please don't tell me I'm wrong because it is all basically down to luck when meeting characters.

I have been to Disneyland Paris 8 times now and I have met quite a few characters but here I am going to be telling you where I met the characters when I went in December 2013, my latest trip.

So, the first place that you can meet the characters without a doubt is in your Disneyland Hotel.
I stayed in my favourite hotel, the Sequoia Lodge, and every morning you can meet a character!
When you go down to breakfast, near the hotel shop there is a photo backdrop where every morning you can queue up for a photo with either Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Chip and Dale. The characters at the hotels, what I have experienced are the 'main' characters dressed in there ranger outfits. You can get their autograph and a professional photo by a photographer that puts your photo on a photo pass where you can get the photo printed out at the hotel shop.

Another great place to meet the characters is having a character breakfast or a character dinner. These are amazing experiences to have a meal with the characters. There are a few restaurants around the park that you can have a character meal these are:

  • Auberge de Cendrillion
  • Cafe Mickey
  • Inventions
Auberge de Cendrillion is in Fantasyland in the Disneyland Park and offers a traditional French cuisine. Suzy and Perla, the mice from Cinderella, give you a nice warm welcome before entering the restaurant. When you enter the restaurant you will be in the company of various princesses and princes such as Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ariel and Eric, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip etc. I haven't been in this restaurant but I do know 100% that here you have dinner with the princesses.

Cafe Mickey is located in Disney Village just by Lake Disney as you enter the Village from the hotels. When we went in December we did go to Cafe Mickey for the fact that I personally love it there. The food is traditional Italian inspired cuisine. You get shown to your seat and order your drink. You then get asked what food you would like and the food service is amazing, it gets to you so so quickly and the staff who works in Cafe Mickey are so so polite. They are about 4 characters that wonder about the restaurant and then they go for a rest then some different characters come out! They come to your table and signs your autograph book and you can have a photo with them!
When we went I was with my Mum and myself for my 18th. I saw Goofy there and I desperately wanted to have my photo with him. He was focusing on the children but he came over to me so I was happy! Another thing I love about Cafe Mickey is that on the wall there are TVs around the room with a video playing off all the films Walt Disney made in release order! I loved that so so much!

The last restaurant that you can have a meal with characters is Inventions in the Disneyland Hotel which serves international cuisine. I personally have never been in this restaurant so I can't say much about it.

So in the park, when I went, I got a programme, which tells you what characters you can queue up for to meet, what times they are out and where you have to go to see them!
The first character I met was Duffy Bear! I have never met Duffy Bear and this was an amazing experience! My mum wasn't so keen on Duffy but after we met him she loved him so much!
He was so lovely to the children and was dancing with them and spending a lot of time with them which I thought was amazing. He even spent a lot of time with me! He was giving me cuddles and kisses and took my Minnie ears off me and putting them on his nose! I thought Duffy was lovely...so I brought my own oops! You could meet Duffy at the boarding house on Main Street USA. 

The next character you could queue up for was Winnie The Pooh! I met Winnie when I was a little girl so I was excited to meet him again! He was next to Casey's Corner at the fountain.

In Fantasyland, I first went to the "Meet Mickey Mouse" attraction where you queue up for about an hour to meet Mickey. One thing I loved about this was when you were queueing you were in a like cinema with a big screen playing the short animation films with Mickey, Pluto, Goofy etc in which made the time go so quicker when queueing. When you meet Mickey he is backstage in his dressing room with his costumes and mirror its lovely! You get a professional photo took and when you go to the exit of the building there is a photo booth to view your photo and get it printed off and can be put into a frame.

Another place to meet characters in Fantasyland is the Princess Pavillion! You have to queue up again for about an hour to meet the princesses. When queueing there are lots of glass figures of the main objects from the princess films such as the dingle hopper, an apple, a glass slipper etc that light up behind a glass window which I thought were beautiful! There are 3 princesses that you can meet that are behind walls so you have no idea which princess you could meet and you can only meet one! They spend alot of time with you asking you about your day, your name etc and again you get a professional photograph that you can get printed and put into a frame. One thing I loved about meeting Aurora is that she told me to look out for her on the parade and when we went to watch it I waved at her and she kept her eyes on my camera and I got some beautiful photos of her!

In the Studios I felt there was more characters wondering about rather then to que up for. 
There are some characters that you can queue up for of course!

The first was Minnie Mouse in the Toon Town area. The queues to meet the characters in the Studios aren't very long. The characters don't spend as much time, they just sign and take a photo with you then you have to move on, but its still a lovely experience.

When I met Minnie, right next to her Pluto was out! So I went to queue up for Pluto! Again it was the same as Minnie, a autograph and a photo then off you had to go!

Another you could queue up for was Buzz Lightyear! I've never ever met him and I was so so so excited to meet him! At the time I had a really bad migraine but I was so determined to meet him and considering I had a bit of blurred vision and a bad headache I looked quite good in my photo haha!

Just before the parade in the Studios there was lots of characters around! Which I loved because I really miss seeing characters just wondering around the parks and not having to go to specific places to see them at! 
There was Aladdin and Jasmine, Mushu from Mulan, Donald Duck and Mary Poppins and Bert. There was a huge huge group around most of the characters but Mary Poppins and Bert had the least so I went to meet them. They were so lovely and kind asking me about my day, they signed my autograph book and had a lovely photo with me! The characters came out near the cinema and the stage in the Studios where the parade goes to.

I hope this does help you know where abouts to go to meet characters but like I said it is luck and the characters at the certain places where you can queue up can change during the year.  At the end of the day, I think that meeting characters is just pure luck. Where you are at a certain time. Yes there are places to meet characters but depending where you are at a certain time you might see characters wondering about, it is, in my personal view, luck.
Hope this helps you all!

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Palace Pets

I was so excited when I heard that these were being released into the Disney Store.
I have got the I Phone App and I love it so much dressing up all the princess's pets and the stories that go with them.
This is my first Palace Pet that I got from the Disney Store and I got her from London because my local Disney Store isn't big enough to stock these, even though now, they have them in, but at the time they told me I needed to go to a bigger Disney Store such as London or Birmingham or online.
I got Aurora's Palace Pet called Beauty. I really didn't know which one to get first so my favourite colour is pink so that really made my mind up cause Beauty is just full on pink!
It comes with a little story book, with a story about Beauty and Aurora, a hair brush to brush Beautys tail, just like on the app, and Beauty herself. It also tells you about the free app that you can download which I recommend as it is so so cute!
On the back of the packaging, it tells you about the other pets that you can collect. There are 6 cats/dogs and 3 horses.
The names for each pet are just adorable. They link with each princess as you can tell from Beauty and Aurora and another example there's Cinderella and Pumpkin.
I absoutly love these. I think they are so cute and lovely to collect, which I am in the process of, I have 2 only 4 more to collect then I shall begin with the horses.
The prices for these are so good!
For the cats/dogs they retail in the Disney Store for £6.00 and the horses £8.00
With the horses you get more items with them, you get a jewelry box, the hair brush and some hair clips to put on your pony.

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The Lion King The Musical Collection

I have been wanting to see The Lion King The Musical for ages now and last year for my 18th birthday my gran surprised me with tickets to go to London to see the show.
When I was sitting there watching the show, I fell in love.
I have saw the show twice this year and I need to go again. 
Its amazing.
So here is all my collection that I brought each time I went to see the show this year!

So first in my collection is my programme/book. It talks about how they adapted the film into the show. 
Photos of the scenes and costumes.
It talks about the music with Elton John and Lebo M and how they made the music and instruments they use.
It also includes the puppets and how the stage is created to reflect the movie.
It says about the make up, hair, choreography and singing.
Its has got the most beautiful photos in the book. It was £8.00 from the theatre. Its a really good deal as the smaller programme with the actors/actresses name and adverts for other shows was £4.00
It goes through each scene in order in the show and how each character was adapted from the film.

Next is my CD. I love this CD the music from the show is absolutely beautiful and amazing. 
There is also a DVD which contains about 30 minutes about the show, showing how the costumes are made, interviews and previews of the show with the gorgeous music and again shows the adaptations from the film into the stage show.

I got a limited edition Simba soft toy, which was £25.00, expensive I know, but I couldn't say no to a limited edition toy! He is gorgeous and the detail to him is very beautiful! He has this robe on him that they put on in the show to show everyone he is now the king. He is 45cm

I got 2 smaller toys of Nala and Simba from the first time I went to see the play. These were £15.00 each. Again expensive but I couldn't say no. These are smaller then the Limited Edition Simba, these are 24cm but are still as gorgeous and are full of detail. 

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My Tumblr Site

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I post my photography and photos of recent blog posts that are new on here! I also re-blog many photos that I find and that I love.
My Tumblr (of course) is all Disney related so if you are a huge Disney fan just like me and enjoy photography of characters or Disneyland then please please please follow me and check out my page I would really appreciate it!

Disney Store Shoppers

Here are all my Disney Store shoppers that I have collected! I have been only collected them for about 1 year and a half and I have a lot of them!
The only bag that wasn't from the Disney Store is the pink Disney Princess shopper which is actually from Tescos here in the UK.
The rest are all from the Disney Store and they retailed at £2.00 each. The Minnie Mouse zip up shopper was £3.00!
I have got another shopper which I got from Covent Garden in London but that is currently at college in my locker!

I got this Christmas shopper at Christmas time. There were different sizes of these and this one was the smallest I think. The bigger the bag the higher the price. 

I got this just before Frozen was released. There was only one size of this design.

I got this shopper from the Disney Store at Oxford Street in London. 
I'm sure this was a bit dearer then £2.00 but I am not 100% sure.
There was 2 designs, this one and the one I have at college.

This shopper is a zip up bag. It has the same design on each side and was £3.00.

I got this shopper when Jungle Book was released on Diamond Edition. You could get the bag in a package deal which was with the DVD, a soft toy of Baloo and the shopper. I think that package was about £20.00 not 100% sure.

Again, I got this shopper when The Little Mermaid was released on Diamond Edition. I don't think there was a package deal like with the Jungle Book.
This was £2.00.
I also have a note pad with the same design on as the bag. At the time of the release there was the most beautiful Ariel items in the Disney Store.

I got this just before Monsters University was released. This was £2.00

I got this shopper at Tescos. I am not sure how much this was as I got this last summer, but I'm sure it wasn't more then £2.00

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Walt Disney Showcase Collection Disney Traditions by Jim Shore & Enesco Figure

On Saturday I passed my driving theory test! So for a reward I treated myself to a new Jim Shore Figure and I decided to get Ariel.
This figure is called 'Splash Of Fun' I love the name for her, it's just perfect!
I love her so much. There is so much detail that has been put into her! The detail on her shells, face, tail and the rock is incredible! She even has eyelashes!!!
Ariel has been one of my favourite princesses since I was little so I had to get her! 
I can't wait to get more to add to my collection along with her and Thumper.
I really do want to try and collect them all!
Please check out my other post on my Jim Shore ornament of Thumper!
Thanks for reading!

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My New Disney Display

I am so excited about this post!
So on Saturday, I brought a lot of things on Saturday, my mum treated me to some new shelves to display some of my Disney collection on! 
I love this so much and it looks amazing in my room and of course the items displayed make it look even better!
Its just the right size and has enough apartments for me. I obviously haven't got enough room for all my items but for my items that are worth displaying!
I still need to buy some more items to display the rest of my collection on which I am planning to purchase in the future!
As you can see I display all my Disney Animated and Pixar DVD's, my Disney Infinity figures, my Disney soundtracks and Disneyland Paris soundtracks, my Jim Shore and Funko Pop! Figurines and Vinyls and my Rapunzel and Flynn Wedding dolls.

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Funko Pop! Disney Vinyl Mr Fredrickson

Look what I've got!
My very very very first Funko Pop! Disney Vinyl and I'm so excited about it!
I got Carl Fredrickson from Disney Pixar's UP! And I'm in love with him so so much!
I brought him on Saturday, a treat to myself after passing my driving theory test.

He is from the Series 5 Vinyls and I think the number 59 means he is the 59th Vinyl in all the series, but I am not 100% sure.
He weighs 136g and he is 6.4 X 6.4 X 9.5 cm.
I was quite unhappy with the box he came in, I am very particular with boxes, for me they need to be in mint condition, but he was the only one there and I just fell in love as soon as I saw him!

I display him out the of the box as you can he features so more clearly. It is beautifully painted and I love him so much!
The detail that has done into him is amazing. He even has a wedding ring on, his Ellie badge and even his hearing aid which makes him even cuter! His walking stick is very very delicate so you've got to be very careful with him.

I absolutely love these vinyls and I can't wait to add more to my collection of the Pop! Disney Vinyls!