Thursday, 29 May 2014

Palace Pets

I was so excited when I heard that these were being released into the Disney Store.
I have got the I Phone App and I love it so much dressing up all the princess's pets and the stories that go with them.
This is my first Palace Pet that I got from the Disney Store and I got her from London because my local Disney Store isn't big enough to stock these, even though now, they have them in, but at the time they told me I needed to go to a bigger Disney Store such as London or Birmingham or online.
I got Aurora's Palace Pet called Beauty. I really didn't know which one to get first so my favourite colour is pink so that really made my mind up cause Beauty is just full on pink!
It comes with a little story book, with a story about Beauty and Aurora, a hair brush to brush Beautys tail, just like on the app, and Beauty herself. It also tells you about the free app that you can download which I recommend as it is so so cute!
On the back of the packaging, it tells you about the other pets that you can collect. There are 6 cats/dogs and 3 horses.
The names for each pet are just adorable. They link with each princess as you can tell from Beauty and Aurora and another example there's Cinderella and Pumpkin.
I absoutly love these. I think they are so cute and lovely to collect, which I am in the process of, I have 2 only 4 more to collect then I shall begin with the horses.
The prices for these are so good!
For the cats/dogs they retail in the Disney Store for £6.00 and the horses £8.00
With the horses you get more items with them, you get a jewelry box, the hair brush and some hair clips to put on your pony.

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