Sunday, 25 May 2014

Disney Store Shoppers

Here are all my Disney Store shoppers that I have collected! I have been only collected them for about 1 year and a half and I have a lot of them!
The only bag that wasn't from the Disney Store is the pink Disney Princess shopper which is actually from Tescos here in the UK.
The rest are all from the Disney Store and they retailed at £2.00 each. The Minnie Mouse zip up shopper was £3.00!
I have got another shopper which I got from Covent Garden in London but that is currently at college in my locker!

I got this Christmas shopper at Christmas time. There were different sizes of these and this one was the smallest I think. The bigger the bag the higher the price. 

I got this just before Frozen was released. There was only one size of this design.

I got this shopper from the Disney Store at Oxford Street in London. 
I'm sure this was a bit dearer then £2.00 but I am not 100% sure.
There was 2 designs, this one and the one I have at college.

This shopper is a zip up bag. It has the same design on each side and was £3.00.

I got this shopper when Jungle Book was released on Diamond Edition. You could get the bag in a package deal which was with the DVD, a soft toy of Baloo and the shopper. I think that package was about £20.00 not 100% sure.

Again, I got this shopper when The Little Mermaid was released on Diamond Edition. I don't think there was a package deal like with the Jungle Book.
This was £2.00.
I also have a note pad with the same design on as the bag. At the time of the release there was the most beautiful Ariel items in the Disney Store.

I got this just before Monsters University was released. This was £2.00

I got this shopper at Tescos. I am not sure how much this was as I got this last summer, but I'm sure it wasn't more then £2.00

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