Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Walt Disney Showcase Collection Disney Traditions by Jim Shore & Enesco Figurine.

Here is my very first piece from the collection. Obviously as you can see it is Thumper from Walt Disney's Bambi. Thumper is my favourite character and I love him so much! You will see much more Thumper items in the future for sure. I love these pieces. I think they are so different from any other figurine collections and I love have unique they are. I love the patterns and the colours and the matte finish to them. I got Thumper from my boyfriend for my 18th birthday and I love and cherish it so much! The names for each piece is just perfect for Thumper, 'Spring is Sprung'. I'm so happy that I own this and I soon will have more Jim Shore pieces to start my own collection of them!

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