Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My New Disney Display

I am so excited about this post!
So on Saturday, I brought a lot of things on Saturday, my mum treated me to some new shelves to display some of my Disney collection on! 
I love this so much and it looks amazing in my room and of course the items displayed make it look even better!
Its just the right size and has enough apartments for me. I obviously haven't got enough room for all my items but for my items that are worth displaying!
I still need to buy some more items to display the rest of my collection on which I am planning to purchase in the future!
As you can see I display all my Disney Animated and Pixar DVD's, my Disney Infinity figures, my Disney soundtracks and Disneyland Paris soundtracks, my Jim Shore and Funko Pop! Figurines and Vinyls and my Rapunzel and Flynn Wedding dolls.

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