Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Lion King The Musical Collection

I have been wanting to see The Lion King The Musical for ages now and last year for my 18th birthday my gran surprised me with tickets to go to London to see the show.
When I was sitting there watching the show, I fell in love.
I have saw the show twice this year and I need to go again. 
Its amazing.
So here is all my collection that I brought each time I went to see the show this year!

So first in my collection is my programme/book. It talks about how they adapted the film into the show. 
Photos of the scenes and costumes.
It talks about the music with Elton John and Lebo M and how they made the music and instruments they use.
It also includes the puppets and how the stage is created to reflect the movie.
It says about the make up, hair, choreography and singing.
Its has got the most beautiful photos in the book. It was £8.00 from the theatre. Its a really good deal as the smaller programme with the actors/actresses name and adverts for other shows was £4.00
It goes through each scene in order in the show and how each character was adapted from the film.

Next is my CD. I love this CD the music from the show is absolutely beautiful and amazing. 
There is also a DVD which contains about 30 minutes about the show, showing how the costumes are made, interviews and previews of the show with the gorgeous music and again shows the adaptations from the film into the stage show.

I got a limited edition Simba soft toy, which was £25.00, expensive I know, but I couldn't say no to a limited edition toy! He is gorgeous and the detail to him is very beautiful! He has this robe on him that they put on in the show to show everyone he is now the king. He is 45cm

I got 2 smaller toys of Nala and Simba from the first time I went to see the play. These were £15.00 each. Again expensive but I couldn't say no. These are smaller then the Limited Edition Simba, these are 24cm but are still as gorgeous and are full of detail. 

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