Monday, 18 August 2014

Disney Vinylmations Pixar Villians Series 5

Today, on the Disney store website, they released the new series of the Pixar Villians Series 5.
There are 8 vinyls to collect including the mystery chaser. The villians you can collect are:
- Mordu from Pixar's Brave
- Thumper from Pixar's A Bug's Life
- Charles Muntz from Pixar's Up
- Waternoose from Pixar's Monsters, Inc
- Dean Hardscrabble from Pixar's Monsters University
- Darla from Pixar's Finding Nemo
- Syndrome from Pixar's The Incredibles

Each figure has posable arms and head and measures H7.5cm
I will be getting some of these vinyls as I think they are great. I have suddenly had an interest in vinyls and I will be starting to collect them as I think there fab and great to have in any Disney collection.
They are 8.00 each vinyl with I think is a reasonable price for them as they look like they are very detailed and have amazing paint job! 

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