Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Disney Villains Limted Edition DVD Covers

I got these DVD's from HMV in the week and they were £6.99 each, Blu Rays were £9.99 each. There are out for a limited time only so get them while you can! There was alot of different Disney film to choose from in the collection. It was so hard to choose but I got The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan both 2 of my favourite Disney films. Some of the DVDs where £4.99 in my HMV these DVDs were Oz The Great and Powerful and 101 Dalmatians the live action version. When I went into HMV there was a stand just for the villain covers with only certain films on the stand. I went back in the other day and I went to the Disney/Children film section and they had more films with the villain cover on then they had in on the main stand so if you can't see the film you would like to purchase with the cover on go to the Disney area and they are more films there with them on. A lot of people have said why pay £6.99 for a copy of the film you have already got but these are only out for limited time only so I didn't waste my money because the covers are simply beautiful. These 2 were my favourite. When I went in the next day they had Hercules there but only on Blu Ray, I asked the woman who was working there and she said they had ran out of Hercules on DVD which I was really sad about cause I loved the artwork for the cover, but hey ho. So if you want a villain cover hurry up and get one!!

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