Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Little Mermaid Primark Vest

Get to Primark now! They have an amazing range of Disney shirts in at the moment!
I picked up 2 on Saturday one for me and one for my mum! I wish I could of brought all of them but I didn't have enough money but it was so so hard to choose which one I want!
The first one I brought was....
The Littler Mermaid Vest!
I love this vest so much! The arms are cut out quite low down so it shows a bit of flesh/bra which I love! It is quite sheer and see through so I always make sure I'm wearing a pretty bra underneath the top! The back of the vest is just plain white which I like about it too. It had the Disney logo and The Little Mermaid title on as you can see and it has Ariel and Eric kissing on the front too! This was £6.00 and its such a good price for a gorgeous top! I love the Disney tops that Primark stock so hurry up and get down to your local Primark now!

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