Friday, 6 June 2014

The Ellie Badge from Up!

I have been waiting for this parcel to come in the post because I am so so excited for this and to share this with you guys! Me and my mum have ordered 2 Ellie badges from the film Up and now I want to show you guys and show you where you can get your own Ellie badge from!

I have one word for these badges. There are just gorgeous! They took about 2 weeks to get here all the way from America to get to the UK! Which is amazing.

So this is what the badge looks like and how it comes. Its in a little plastic bag and the pin is attached to a bit of card. Now the card is what makes the packaging so so so cute! 

So on the front it says '"You and me, we're in a club now" The Ellie Badge "The highest honor I can bestow"' I think that is so cute how they have the quote from the movie on the packaging!

So when we open up the card, we have the company on Etsy who made these lovely badges (I will place links below so you can check them out for yourselves) 

The back is so so so amazing! When I saw this, when I turned over the card to the back, I literally shouted AW! I think this is so adorable! The packaging is literally amazing and it has had so much thought put into it!


So this is the badge, I placed a 10p coin next to it so you can compare the size. I love how they have put a big pin with the badge I think that makes it so lovely! The badge is in such good condition and has been made beautifully and it looks just the same as the badge in the movie! These badges are such good quality for the money! These cost us £1.53 gbp (each badge), and the postage was £3.97 gbp. I think for the amount of money you pay you get such a gorgeous gorgeous badge that is such good quality.

So if your interested to get a Ellie Badge please check them out on Etsy, Instagram and Twitter
Twitter @myhoard 

Thanks for reading guys!

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