Sunday, 29 June 2014

Walt Disney Showcase Collection Disney Traditions by Jim Shore & EnescoFigure

Sorry I haven't blogged in such a while! But I have finally brought something to put on my blog!
I'm hopefully going to get some more Disney items soon but bare with me if I don't post a lot at the moment.
So I have brought one of my biggest Jim Shore pieces yet...You all might not think its that big but I do.

I have brought my first Cinderella piece in my collection! Me and my boyfriend went up town for some 'clothes' but I couldn't find anything I liked and I rather splash out on something that will last forever rather than some clothes. I'm a girl who rather have nice hair and makeup and wear leggings and a top! So I treated myself to Cinderella!
I got her from H Samuel and she was on sale at £25.99 from £34.99 I think. Not to sure. I love her so so much! I have 2 princesses in my collection know Cinderella and Ariel! Cinderella fits perfectly in my collection and she is so so beautiful! The detail that has been put into her is incredible! The name of this piece is called 'Caring and Courageous' which is perfect for her!

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