Monday, 9 June 2014

Walt Disney Showcase Collection Disney Traditions by Jim Shore & Enesco Figure

I have got yet another Jim Shore figure today! My mum got it for me of eBay, yes it is secondhand but its in very very very good condition. It didn't come with the box or the little name tag you can fold and have it displayed with the figure which was a shame but I'm not upset about it.
I got the ornament for £14.00, including postage, instead of £18.00 if I got it from a shop which I'm really pleased with especially how good the condition of the ornament is!
So what your all waiting for! What ornament did I get? Well...

I got this beautiful thing! Dumbo, and I'm in love with him so so much! Its so so gorgeous and I just want to go and sit in him, like the ride at the Disney Parks haha.
He has gorgeous patterning and the detail that has gone into him is amazing.

The name of this Jim Shore ornament is called 'Faith in Flight' which is a gorgeous name!
He looks absolutely beautiful in my Jim Shore Collection on my shelves.

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